Hydraulic Excavator

Sany hydraulic excavators are precision-engineered digging tools built with industry-leading technology and highest-grade components to offer you maximum job site productivity. Engines deliver top performance and tremendous power, with increased fuel efficiency and low emissions. Multiple working modes, intelligent control systems and a variety of attachments and parts allow versatile operation in all kinds of work environments. Whether it’s mining, road building, civil engineering, or general construction, Sany excavators are ready and able to get the job done.


Models: SY16C, SY35U
Total weight: 0.04m3- 0.12m3
Total weight: 1.8T -3.8T
Powered by: Yanmar Engines


Models :  SY55C,  SY75C, SY155W
Total weight : 5T -15T
Std. Bucket capacity : 0.15m3- 0.60m3
Powered by : Kubota, Yanmar, Isuzu Engines


Models :  SY215C,  SY235C, SY335H
Total weight : 19T -35T
Std. Bucket capacity : 0.8m3- 1.6m3
Powered by : Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Cummins Engines


Models : SY365C,SY365H, SY465H,SY500H,SY700H,SY750H
Total weight : 30T – 75T and over
Std. Bucket capacity : 1.5m3- 4.5m3
Powered by : Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Cummins Engines
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