Char-Lynn Motors and Steering Units

The Eaton Char-Lynn® brand has been recognized as the industry leader in low-speed, high-torque (LSHT) hydraulic motor technology for more than 45 years. Named after the late hydraulic industry pioneer, Lynn Charlson, Char-Lynn motors are based on what he called the Orbit Principle which gives them their reliable high power density, modularity and economic design. A wide variety of displacements are available in each of the 3 Char-Lynn product families:

  • Spool valve motors : J series,H,S,T series.
  • Disc valve motors : 2000/4000/6000/10000 Series
  • VIS (Valve-In-Star) motors: VIS 30 / VIS 40 / VIS 45 series.

These products can be easily customized to a wide variety of application needs from standard mount/wheel mount/bearingless mount.

Charlynn Range of Products.

Low Speed High Torque Motors :
Spool valve: J,H,T,S and W series, Disc valve : 2K-4K-6K-10K series
Valve in Star(VIS): VIS 30, VIS 40 and VIS 45 series.
8cc onwards up to 940cc : max Speed 1990 rpm/ lowest speed 150rpm
Steering Unit : Series 2 onwards up to Series 40. 3 GPM -60 GPM.


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